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Organisational Development

/Organisational Development

What is employee engagement really?

Labour productivity in the UK has been exceptionally weak since the 2007-08 financial crisis. To respond to this, companies are looking for ways to mobilise their employees toward the organisation’s success. And as we move out of recession, more and more companies are experiencing a shortage of skilled labour. This is coupled with a younger [...]

Compass™ Organisational Alignment Assessment

Intended for managers, executives and business owners, the Compass™ Organisational Alignment Assessment is designed to quickly evaluate the level of alignment in your company and provide you with actionable recommendations for achieving business success. Your free customised assessment starts with a 25-question survey that should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.  Our consultants [...]

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What are the 5 priorities for leadership in HR?

Leadership in HR - The Report In December 2015, Twelve Winds Consulting and Partners Employment Lawyers teamed up to offer Leadership in HR, a brainstorming opportunity devoted to exploring the leadership challenges faced by HR professionals. The HR profession is rapidly changing.  Shifting demographics, new patterns of working, new technology, and increasing use of data [...]

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Leadership Development

Excellent leadership is fundamental to any business success. Effective leaders mobilise an organisation around shared values and vision, helping others to move forward to achieve success. We have therefore worked with leaders across the private, public, and non-profit sectors to develop a deep understanding and experience of leadership development. Twelve Winds is committed to leadership development [...]

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Nonprofits & Charities

In tough economic times, nonprofit organisations must learn to as work professionally and efficiently as possible. But many nonprofits wonder how they can become more professional without losing sight of the culture and values that underpin their existence. They question how they can learn from private sector management experience when their stakeholder structure and their [...]

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Employee Engagement

Employers want employees who will do their best work or ‘go the extra mile’. Employees want jobs that are worthwhile and that inspire them. More and more organisations are looking for a win-win solution that meets their needs and those of their employees. What they increasingly say they are looking for is an engaged workforce. [...]

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