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The Twelve Winds Promise

We promise to help you deliver sustainable growth - by providing you with independent advice, working in partnership with your staff, and sharing our knowledge and skills to ensure lasting impact.

Strategy & Change

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Leadership Development

Excellent leadership is fundamental to any business success. Effective leaders mobilise an organisation around shared values and vision, helping others to move forward to achieve success. We have therefore worked with leaders across the private, public, and non-profit sectors to develop a deep understanding and experience of leadership development. Twelve Winds is committed to leadership development [...]

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Balanced Scorecard Implementation

Historically, company and strategy success has been measured purely in financial terms. The Balance Sheet, however, is a record of historical performance at one moment in time. As the emphasis on corporate governance has shifted to concerns of sustainability, shareholders have required a reporting method that assesses past, present, and future performance. It is necessary [...]

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