Whatever sector you are in, from large corporations to small nonprofits, effective leaders find the same critical success factors are necessary: strong leadership, flexibility to respond to shifts in the environment, a robust pipeline of initiatives, and a focus on continuous improvement.

The success of any strategic initiative, whether it is a total corporate transformation or a small project, requires appropriate and ongoing communication, monitoring, and evaluation. Effective change management also demands a holistic approach that addresses the people, process and technological aspects of the strategy. It is important to involve all relevant stakeholders in the change process, reconciling their differing views, concerns and priorities.

TWC can help you to assess your organisation’s readiness for change, develop your strategic plan, implement and monitor the change. Our support is customised for each organisation to take into account the wider organisational objectives, values, and cultures, and to ensure effective buy-in and support from employees and other stakeholders.

Our Services:

  • Strategic planning process design & leadership
  • Strategic planning workshop facilitation
  • Strategic thinking
  • Strategic decisionmaking
  • Managing change
  • Leadership development