Twelve Winds works with you to deliver sustainable growth
by aligning your people with your values & strategy.

Strategy & Change Management

Setting Strategic Direction

We guide you through your company’s challenges & opportunities.


Balanced Scorecard

Measuring What Matters

We help you build a performance management system that works.


Organisational Development

Strategy, People & Processes

We help you align your whole organisation for real strategic success.


Leadership Development

Building Skills and Practice

We help you to develop effective, inspiring, values-driven leaders.


Employee Engagement

Getting the Most from your Staff

We help you keep your best employees productive & engaged.


Nonprofits & Charities

Delivering Impact for Society

We help your nonprofit organisation find focus & achieve its mission.


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We bring together experience in strategy, organisational development, and corporate responsibility to ensure every part of the organisation is working toward the same goals.  If you want to achieve and sustain success for your organisation, we can help you:

We will work with you to plan and implement a successful change programme that keeps your people engaged with the process. Whether it is a restructuring, merger, or other change – we will help you keep the process moving quickly and efficiently.

We will help you align your strategy, people, and processes so they are all working toward the same goals. We will work with you to develop the organisational culture, structure, policies & processes, and performance management systems that will deliver business success.

We will work with your current leadership to develop the skills they need to inspire and motivate your employees to success. We will help you develop the next generation of leaders for your organisation, engaging your high potential staff and ensuring business continuity.

We will help you develop a workplace culture where employees understand the company’s vision & values, are committed to the company’s success, and are recognised & valued for their contributions.

Founded in 2003 by a team with extensive experience in the UK and Africa, Twelve Winds Consulting works across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to foster long term growth and maximise impact.

Why are we called Twelve Winds?

We believe that to be successful, companies must be committed to good corporate citizenship, with sustainability and corporate responsibility at the core of their values and strategy.

Check out some of the clients we have worked with before!

London Office

Phone: +44 20 8123 1265

Web: www.twelvewinds.org.uk

Johannesburg Office

Phone: +27 11 083 5512

Web: www.twelvewinds.co.za

The Twelve Winds Promise

We promise to help you deliver sustainable growth - by providing you with independent advice, working in partnership with your staff, and sharing our knowledge and skills to ensure lasting impact.

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