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Historically, company and strategy success has been measured purely in financial terms. The Balance Sheet, however, is a record of historical performance at one moment in time. As the emphasis on corporate governance has shifted to concerns of sustainability, shareholders have required a reporting method that assesses past, present, and future performance. It is necessary to consider whether the company is on track to ensure sustainable success.

The Balanced Scorecard provides a management tool that assesses company performance in a historical as well as forward-looking approach and can indicate the likelihood of business sustainability. Moreover, the Balanced Scorecard helps management to keep focussed on the primary vision and mission of the organisation, ensuring that strategies and initiatives are aligned to the most important corporate goals and do not detract from the business strategy.

Twelve Winds will work with you to create a Balanced Scorecard system that will assist management at all levels of your organisation to see and understand in a clear graphic way how your company is performing. This will demonstrate historical progress while providing actionable information on which to base decisions to ensure ongoing success. You organisation will never again look back on an initiative and wonder where it went wrong. You will see regularly how well it is working.

Twelve Winds can guide your organisation to design and implement your own Balanced Scorecard system.

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