Brian Butterworth
Brian ButterworthSenior Software Engineer

I have over twenty years experience leading complex IT development projects in a wide variety of agency, start-up, and corporate environments. I’m a passionate advocate of software that is easy to understand and use. And, I’m committed to meeting customer requirements the first time.

I am an expert in PHP – a popular and well supported open-source programming language. PHP allows me to maximise your software’s performance and provide solutions from the basic to the advanced.

I have designed and built software and websites for small businesses, individuals, international companies and government organisations – including some of the very first UK corporate sites.

Technical skills

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Every now and then you meet someone with a detailed knowledge and technical ability that surpasses anything you’re accustomed to or considered ‘the norm’ in a particular industry. Brian is one of these people. He has offered me not only the most competitive services of it’s kind but also technological insights I still use today. I have 100% confidence in his ability

Lee Ewart, GoGen Ltd

Brian and I worked directly alongside one another to produce several promotional sites for Ben & Jerry’s – as a strong, competent two-man team we were able to ensure any technical challenges were quickly and properly overcome. Brian is a very capable, no-nonsense ‘gentle giant’ who I’d enjoy working with again.

James Rock, UI Consultant

Brian demonstrated a detailed understanding of the technical aspects of application development, data management, and solutions integration. Discussing design plans with Brian was a delight as he has the ability to think a solution through from beginning to end, and to spot hurdles long before they become problems in the development process. After Brian moved on from the company, I was charged with maintenance and enhancement of his code. Though I am an experienced developer, I was inexperienced in PHP code at the time. I was astounded to find that Brian’s code was so cleanly written and well commented, that my task in it’s maintenance was trivial! In fact, it was so well written that I took lessons from Brian’s code back into my own coding style, and continue to pride myself on this professionalism today. It was a pleasure to work with Brian and I would highly recommend him!

Craig Chapman, Aircom International

Brian is a highly skilled consultant who has provided a wide range of expert services to me and my businesses over the years. He is always my first call for any IT issues and website development needs. The most recent work he has done for me has led to a very positive response from my market and has led to significant business opportunities for me. Brian helped me to clearly understand a range of social media and worked with me to develop a highly effective platform and strategy for my business. Brian is great to work with, highly creative and takes a genuine partnership approach to design and development. Highly recommended.

Toby Lindsay, Telos Partners