As a values-driven business, and one that encourages other organisations to work in concert with their communities, Twelve Winds is committed to communicating with and listening to our stakeholders.

We’re great believers in working with others to ensure that Twelve Winds is a responsible corporate citizen. We see real value in partnering with external organisations and building relationships that help to achieve this.

Our stakeholders include everyone who is affected by our business, and everyone who affects it. This includes employees, customers, suppliers, civil society organisations, policy makers, and those living in the communities where we operate.

And because we are committed to building relationships, we know that real two-way dialogue is an important part of stakeholder engagement.

We want to have a conversation with you. Our social media channels are open for comment. And in the near future, we plan to develop a formal stakeholder survey that will help us gather both qualitative and quantitative input that will inform our strategic direction and our day-to-day performance.

So, let’s here from you. How do you think we should be developing as a responsible business?