Intended for managers, executives and business owners, the Compass™ Organisational Alignment Assessment is designed to quickly evaluate the level of alignment in your company and provide you with actionable recommendations for achieving business success.

Your free customised assessment starts with a 25-question survey that should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.  Our consultants will then evaluate your responses based on five key perspectives.

Your responses for each perspective will be marked according to a matrix that classifies your organisation’s degree of alignment into four categories based on Direction (the existence of appropriate plans and processes) and Progress (the extent to which those plans and processes are implemented). These two dimensions reveal your potential for business success based on your organisational alignment.

You will receive a customised report with actionable recommendations for achieving business success by improving the aligment of your people with your values and strategy.

Get your free customised Compass™ Organisational Alignment Assessment now, and chart your course for business success!

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Why Organisational Alignment?

Management journals are filled with articles trying to understand what drives successful businesses, and what causes failures. Frequently, the root of failure is said to be found in the disconnect between strategy and execution. Indeed, a number of studies have shown that few leaders are skilled in both areas and that most leaders believe they have good strategies but fail to see them through.

In an effort to understand how successful businesses manage to bridge this gap, many studies have emphasised the importance of strategic alignment. Kaplan and Norton have long argued that “A company can execute its strategy well only if it aligns the strategies of its business units, support functions, and external partners with its broad enterprise strategy.”

More recently, Harvard Business School’s Michael Beer has noted that “Business success is a function of fit between a host of key variables within an organisation. Strategy, values, culture, employees, systems, organisational design, and the behaviour of the senior management team all have to be in alignment.”

Our experience at Twelve Winds has shown how powerful organisational alignment can be. That’s why we take an organisational development (OD) approach – one that aligns strategy, people, and processes. We work with key leaders in your organisation to develop a holistic awareness of your organisation and how the various aspects of it interact, support and sometimes hinder your achievement of your strategy.

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