Leadership in HR – The Report

In December 2015, Twelve Winds Consulting and Partners Employment Lawyers teamed up to offer Leadership in HR, a brainstorming opportunity devoted to exploring the leadership challenges faced by HR professionals.

The HR profession is rapidly changing.  Shifting demographics, new patterns of working, new technology, and increasing use of data analytics is redefining the role of HR in the business.  We wanted to explore what this all means for leadership development in the HR field.
Leadership in HR

Leadership in HR – The Event

Over 30 people attended our event held at the City Business Library in London.  Participants included HR Directors, Recruitment Specialists, and Finance Directors.  The organisations represented ranged from charities to public agencies to large multinational corporations.

What followed was a lively discussion specifically designed to identify the challenges faced by HR professionals, to get them thinking about solutions and to create practical tips for future discussions.  We are proud to launch the full report of the discussions and recommendations here.

What started off as a discussion around the definition and practice of leadership in the HR profession evolved into discussions around the need for transformative leadership at the executive level, with HR as a strategic partner that can drive organisational performance.

Leadership in HR – The Challenges

The strongest point to emerge was the tension between HR and other managers.  Increasingly, HR is moving from being seen as a cost centre to being expected to serve as a driver of productivity.  Most CEOs still do not believe that HR is fulfilling this function.  But belief is not necessarily fact.  Often the problem is in the communication between HR, finance, and the CEO.  As they are the bridge between management and employees, HR professionals must build trust across all levels of the organisation.

It was also evident that HR has growing role as the architect of a high performance culture:  defining and nurturing an effective workplace culture, building employee engagement, promoting employee wellness and work-life balance, choosing an appropriate performance management system, and effectively managing change.  This role requires HR professionals to be innovative and to be constantly developing themselves.

Leadership in HR – The Recommendations

The good news is – as the event clearly demonstrated –  these challenges are not insurmountable.  Leadership in HR enabled us to develop a range of recommendations for HR professionals.

Considering the huge range of changes taking place in business, developing strong and  strategic leadership among HR professionals will be critical to the future success of many businesses.  In our report, we identify five priorities for HR.

Leadership in HR – The Free Download

We hope that the report is the starts a dialogue in your own organisation about how HR can meet the challenges of leadership development.

For the full list of recommendations please download the full report here.


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