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In tough economic times, nonprofit organisations must learn to as work professionally and efficiently as possible. But many nonprofits wonder how they can become more professional without losing sight of the culture and values that underpin their existence. They question how they can learn from private sector management experience when their stakeholder structure and their measures of success are so different from profit making companies. They worry how to respond to the growing demands from donors to demonstrate and measure impact.

With a team that has supported complex change processes in some of the world’s largest organisations, Twelve Winds Consulting has years of experience in helping nonprofit organisations of all sizes to develop and implement strategies, measure their impact, and report to stakeholders. We can help your organisation to find its focus and achieve its mission.

Our Services:

  • Strategic planning
  • Balanced Scorecard implementation
  • Managing change
  • Organisational culture audits
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Board performance reviews
  • Leadership development
  • Strategic thinking

London Office

Phone: +44 20 8123 1265


Johannesburg Office

Phone: +27 11 083 5512


The Twelve Winds Promise

We promise to help you deliver sustainable growth - by providing you with independent advice, working in partnership with your staff, and sharing our knowledge and skills to ensure lasting impact.

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