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Strategic development that is knitted into the fabric of an organisation has a far greater chance of success than strategy that is developed from outside and without reference to the experience, insight and knowledge of those who will implement it.

That’s why at Twelve Winds we take an organisational development (OD) approach – one that aligns strategy, people, and processes. This means addressing both “hard” issues like strategy, policies, and structures – and “soft” issues like culture, attitudes, and leadership.

Our approach begins with a customised Compass™ Organisational Alignment Assessment, designed to quickly evaluate the level of alignment in your company and provide you with actionable recommendations for achieving business success.

We work with key leaders in your organisation to develop their awareness, authenticity and skill, leading to better communication, understanding and effective working.

And we help you develop a holistic awareness of your organisation and how the various aspects of it interact, support and sometimes hinder your achievement of your strategy.

Taking an OD approach to change will allow you to create long lasting, transformational change that ensures success.

When you work with Twelve Winds, you will stimulate your curiosity, explore new ideas, challenge assumptions, discover new ways, and have fun. We are absolutely committed to supporting your team and your organisation in its development, success and growth.

Get your customised Compass™ Organisational Alignment Report and chart your course for business success!

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We promise to help you deliver sustainable growth - by providing you with independent advice, working in partnership with your staff, and sharing our knowledge and skills to ensure lasting impact.

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