Our management consulting services focus on your most important challenges and opportunities: strategy, organisational change and development, performance measurement, and corporate citizenship. We work across the private, nonprofit, and public sectors, bringing deep expertise and a holistic outlook.

Twelve Winds works with you to deliver sustainable growth by aligning your people with your values & strategy.

We take an organisational development approach – one that aligns strategy, people, and processes. This means addressing both “hard” issues like strategy, policies, and structures – and “soft” issues like culture, attitudes, and leadership.

Our approach begins with a customised Compass™ Organisational Alignment Assessment, designed to quickly evaluate the level of alignment in your company and provide you with actionable recommendations for achieving business success.

At Twelve Winds, we know that no consulting engagement can ever be called a complete success unless it leaves a lasting legacy of improvement. For this reason, our consulting teams are designed to pass on the skills and knowledge your organisation will need to ensure that the performance enhancements we develop together are sustainable for the long term.

Every client relationship is led by a director who is an experienced entrepreneur, leader, or manager. This way we ensure that our work is always based on broad real-world experience and an authentic understanding of the challenges your company faces.

Our consultants are chosen from a network of trusted associates who combine technical knowledge of governance, business strategy, performance management, and sustainability with strong skills in facilitation, leadership development, and coaching.

We believe that to be successful, companies must be committed to good corporate citizenship, with sustainability and corporate responsibility at the core of their values and strategy.

It’s a mission which permeates every aspect of our work, and which we’re keen to share to help your company maintain and grow shareholder value by being intimately connected to healthy economic, social and environmental systems.

Get your customised Compass™ Organisational Alignment Report and chart your course for business success!

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