Project Description

Twelve Winds helped Asylum Aid develop and articulate a set of organisational core values that would serve as the bedrock for a new strategy and guide the behaviour of the Board, management, and staff.


Asylum Aid is an independent, national charity working to secure protection for people seeking refuge in the UK from persecution and human rights abuses abroad by enhancing and extending their legal rights and entitlements.


At their annual Board Planning Day, the Trustees of Asylum Aid agreed that the organisation needed to clearly articulate its core values and develop a way to drive those values through all of its work.

Twelve Winds was asked to work with the Asylum Aid Board and staff to develop the new values statement.

Our approach

Twelve Winds developed a three-phase strategy for creating a new organisational structure for Asylum Aid.

  • Familiarisation

We start every engagement with a familiarisation stage. Using face-to-face interviews with staff, partner organisations, and funders as well as a detailed review of company documents, we built a strong understanding of the challenges that Asylum Aid faced.

  • Board core values development workshop

Twelve Winds led an interactive workshop with the Asylum Aid Board of Trustees, who felt that the articulation of the core values was their responsibility as the charity’s governing body. This helped the Board understand the role of organisational core values and the benefits of having them clearly articulated, understood, and agreed across the charity. The workshop led the Board through a guided process of visualising the ideal future of the charity and identifying the values required to make that vision a reality. These core values and behaviours would underlie the charity’s work and the strategies they would employ to fulfill their mission.

  • Staff core values and behaviours workshop.

With the core values agreed at Board level, Twelve Winds led an interactive workshop bringing together the Board with the whole Asylum Aid staff team. The goal of the workshop was for employees to understand how the values guide day-to-day work life.  Working collaboratively, the Board and the staff developed a clear set of behaviours so that staff are better equipped to “live” the values by closely aligning their daily decisions with them.

Success story

With our help, Asylum Aid developed a powerful statement of values that would guide the organisation and its strategy in the years to come.

Elucidating each core value is a set of concrete behaviours that show how staff will “live” the values.