Project Description

Twelve Winds delivered comprehensive HIV/AIDS training, and Voluntary Counselling and Testing for employees of BPB Gypsum.


BPB Gypsum (now part of the Saint-Gobain group) is a leader in the manufacturing of lightweight building materials including decorative mouldings, fixed and suspended ceilings, drywall systems and finishing plasters. BPB runs 90 factories worldwide, employing more than 12,500 staff.


Like many other large South African employers, BPB Gypsum was increasingly concerned about the impact that the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic was having on its workforce. As the epidemic increased, the firm wanted to provide its employees with education and training about the disease and the opportunity to be tested to facilitate access to care and to protect themselves and their families’ health.

As the leading expert in the actuarial analysis and workforce management of HIV/AIDS, Twelve Winds was asked to deliver this benefit to BPB Gypsum’s employees.

Our approach

Twelve Winds took a four-phase approach to the HIV/AIDS impact analysis and recommendations for Alpha. This included workforce assessment, KAP survey, and balanced scorecard.

1. KAP survey & assessment of training needs

We conducted a Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) survey. The survey targets managers and employees independently in separate approaches. It is an essential first step in an effective AIDS information and education programme and it aims to achieve the following objectives:

• Increase HIV/AIDS awareness amongst Alpha employees
• Provide background information for the design of future information and education programmes
• Assess management and employees’ attitudes towards people living with HIV/AIDS.

Two KAP surveys were conducted, one of employees and one of employees in management positions. The KAP surveys were distributed to all full- and part-time employees across all of the company’s sites. The surveys were conducted in small work groups led by the team supervisors with support from a Twelve Winds advisor. Surveys were available in Afrikaans, English, Zulu, and Xhosa. The advisor was able to assist employees with low levels of literacy.

Once the survey had been completed, we made recommendations regarding the implementation and content of the education programmes for both management and employees.

2. Peer Educator Training

2.1 Grid Mapping

Prior to the KAP Survey, Twelve Winds, broke the workforce into small groups to be utilised during the course of the entire HIV/AIDS programme. There would be one Peer Educator for each group. The KAP Survey was designed to assess the progress of each Peer Educator and each group.

2.2 Peer Educator Training

In each group, an individual was chosen as a peer educator. Twelve Winds delivered a training programme for all peer educators over a one month period. Follow-up training with further support was provided to those requesting it. Certificates of Completion and Toolkits were supplied to BPB Gypsum for each Peer Educator. These were be distributed in dedicated ceremony by BPB Gypsum senior management.

2.3 Peer Educator Toolkit

The Toolkit provides each Peer Educator with carefully designed modules and supporting materials that they have been trained to present to the workforce. They implement these modules at times agreed by their managers. They feed back to Twelve Winds information about their progress which is anonymised, aggregated, and reported to BPB Gypsum management.

2.4 Peer Educator Coaching

TWC delivered a monthly coaching programme giving BPB Gypsum’s Peer Educators the opportunity to practise upcoming training modules, ask questions, and generally receive ongoing support in the implementation of their programme.

2.5 Leadership Training

Twelve Winds delivered a training programme designed to inform BPB Gypsum Managers of the business impact of HIV/AIDS on the company, understand the law and company policy and its practical implementation, and give them the skills and knowledge to support the Peer Educator programme in the company. The training consisted of a one-day course in small groups delivered by a senior Twelve Winds trainer.

3.0 Voluntary Counselling & Testing (VCT) Campaign

Following the training, Twelve Winds conducted a voluntary counselling and testing campaign for all BPB Gypsum employees. The Peer Educator programme was used to publicise and inform about the campaign well in advance. Twelve Winds managed the logistics of the campaign, with nurse counsellors provided by health care provider Epicentre. The campaign ran over two days in each BPB Gypsum site. Employees were given time by management to attend testing. Each employee was offered pre and post test counselling and a rapid HIV/AIDS test with the results immediately available.

Success story

BPB Gypsum is committed to providing its workforce with the information necessary for them to remain healthy.