Project Description

Twelve Winds helped Panos London implement a new organisational structure.


Panos London is part of the Panos Network, an international group of charities working to ensure that information is effectively used to foster public debate, pluralism, and democracy.


Following a change in strategy at its largest funder, Panos London’s income was severely reduced. This required the rightsizing of the organisation as well as the development of a new structure that would enable the charity to succeed in the new environment. There had been conflict between programme delivery teams and fundraising teams for some time, with no clear understanding of where responsibility for new programme development laid. This hindered the development of new projects and funding streams, an untenable situation since new funding sources had to be secured.

Twelve Winds was asked to work with the Panos management team to develop a new organisational structure that ensured the charity could continue to meet its goals within its financial means.

Our approach

Twelve Winds developed a four-phase strategy for creating a new organisational structure for Panos London.

  • Familiarisation

We start every engagement with a familiarisation stage. Using face-to-face interviews with staff, partner organisations, and funders as well as a detailed review of company documents, we built a strong understanding of the challenges that Panos London faced.

  • Make operational cost cuts

Working with Twelve Winds, Panos London management identified and made operational cost cuts that created quick wins and freed up cash flow.

  • Realign the organisation

Twelve Winds proposed a new organisational structure that would ensure the continued delivery of currently  funded programmes within budget, while also building the organisation’s capacity to develop and fund new projects. This included:

    • People mapping
    • Roles & responsibilities
    • New organisational organogram
    • Job descriptions
  • Manage the change

Twelve Winds supported the Panos London management team throughout the implementation of the restructuring. This included:

    • Project management of change management program
    • Risk management planning
    • Ensure full adherence to all HR and legal standards
    • Develop a clearly articulated case for change
    • Negotiation with Union representatives
    • Consultation with staff concerning the reorganisation
    • Map existing roles to new organisation
    • Ensure appropriate wellbeing support for affected staff
    • Communication of reorganisation to external stakeholders
    • Implementation of role changes
    • Development of new departmental processes and communication plans
    • Development of new key performance indicators
    • Critical systems updates

Success story

With our help, the new organisational structure was implemented with minimal disruption to ongoing programmes. Unfunded projects were scaled down and closed, ensuring the sustainability of funded projects.

A new Programme Learning department was created to institute rigorous monitoring & evaluation of all projects, independent of the programme delivery teams around the world. The information collected by this department provided valuable data about beneficiary needs and new projects and activities that could address them.

A new Programme Development department was created to build new projects, in consultation with programme delivery and fundraising departments, as well as with beneficiaries, implementing partners, and funders. This resulted in a significant improvement to the quality of new programme plans.

New processes for the Fundraising Department, including clear requirements from other departments, enabled a significant increase in new funding applications.