Project Description

The Bunnyfield web app creates lists of candidates to take part in website research, derived from their overall list of potential candidates.


Bunnyfield (a department of Bunnyfoot) specialises in finding and recruiting participants to take part in website research, retail and in-store experience, product packaging testing, software testing and mobile/tablet/touchscreen websites/apps. This project was delivered in partnership with web design agency ArtOneZero.

Client brief

Bunnyfield were using a system of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with manually input processes to derive lists of candidates from their overall list of potential candidates.

The client needed a secure web app with integration into SurveyGizmo and email that would implement the necessary business rules impartially. Twelve Winds delivered the back-end code that ensured the app retained the spreadsheet-like look and feel that their staff was comfortable with.


  • Built PHP objects to interface with MySQL and to automatically build data views for both create and update functions;
  • Created fast-operating multi-page server-based access to these internal dataviews.
  • Provided optimum AJAX transfers to provide front-end user interface.

Success story

The system is used by the Bunnyfield office staff on a daily basis.

Code extract

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