Project Description

The Ben & Jerry’s promotional website led an international campaign promoting their new line of Greek-style frozen yoghurt.


Ben and Jerry’s has manufactured ice cream since 1978. Based in the US state of Vermont, the company was sold in 2000 to Anglo-Dutch conglomerate Unilever.

Ben & Jerry’s was one of the first companies in the world to place a social mission in equal importance to its product and economic missions. Since then, the movement has grown and now has a unifying set of principles and criteria on which to evaluate socially responsible businesses, it’s called the “B Corp” movement (or Benefit Corporation movement). Certified B Corps satisfy a rigorous set of standards to achieve certification. Ben & Jerry’s became the first-ever wholly-owned subsidiary to gain B Corp Certification.

This project was delivered in partnership with web design agency Maynard Malone.

Client brief

Ben and Jerry’s have a global customer base and use promotional events to advertise changes to their range. The ice cream maker was hoping to steal a march on rivals in dominating a frozen yoghurt market by unveiling three flavours – strawberry shortcake, vanilla honey caramel and raspberry chocalatey chunk – to introduce what it claims is the first widely available Greek Style frozen yoghurt across the UK.

They required a multi-country, ten-language website to complement an international media strategy for the promotion.

User benefits

  • Easy to use micro-site management
  • Reliable back-end systems


  • Secure login to the back-end
  • Ability to manage content in 10 languages
  • Deal with localisation in more then 15 countries.
  • Automatic integration with social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Delayed publication of content
  • Fully responsive


The website was built using the wireframes and technical specifications provided by Maynard Malone. PHP/ZEND2 was used to code an administration system for the company and a front-end for the public.

The system used the Facebook API, Twitter Cards, Google Maps APIs as well as Instagram integration. Tools to scrape data (such as non-English product name), product graphics and links from existing B&J sites were also developed. Twelve Winds worked with Maynard Malone’s front-end developers to create a responsive design.

The code was managed using GitHub between MacOS development machines and AWS CentOS staging and production instances, used JIRA for issue tracking.

Success story

The hugely successful media strategy benefitted from the increasing popularity of Greek yoghurt in the dairy aisle. Nearly half (40 per cent) of buyers over the last two years were new to Ben & Jerry’s and the luxury ice cream category.

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