Project Description

The Venus Fibre API system provides an automated way for Venus resellers to generate quotations.


High speed fibre optic Internet is the core service provided by Venus, who are able to deliver internet connectivity at speeds up to 10 Gigabit per second with no restriction on data usage. This project was delivered in partnership with web development agency ArtOneZero.

Client brief

Venus Business Communications needed to develop an API system for their website so their re-sellers can generate quotes automatically.

Venus services are available through a network of over 15,000 accredited IT and Telecommunications re-sellers who can provide added value to the Venus core proposition. Venus offers an opportunity for re-sellers to add significant revenue streams in some of the fastest growing sections of the market.

The client required an API system to allow their re-sellers’ computers to automatically obtain customer price quotations without having to rely on Venus employees, freeing Venus sales staff to focus on higher value stages of the sales pipeline.

User benefits

  • Using standard API language and practices for easy coding
  • API system Interface helps end-user generate code with ease
  • Material design means API interface works on a wide variety of mobile and desktop systems


  • Instant Venus Fibre quoation for any UK address
  • Simple sign-up process for existing re-seller staff using Saleforce-linked account
  • Each response contains all available contract length and bandwidth options
  • Sense-checking map provided by the API showing Venus access point and customer location


Venus Fibre API is built using a secure web server, PHP 5.6 and self-coded Material Design implementation. I created Venus Fibre API in object-orientated PHP and a MySQL database server back-end. The API system has a front-end that signed-up users can use to generate keys that are passed to the actual API . The API script was written in PHP and provided a RESTful API interface. The results may be requested in JSON, XML, CSV or PNG format.

Success story

Venus re-sellers are now able to offer their customers better levels of service, coupled with significant cost savings.

Code extract

This class generates the maps showing the location of the customer, Venus Fibre exchange and a link in between.

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