Project Description

Twelve Winds helped Migrants Resource Centre develop an ambitious new strategic vision and plan, reflecting the charity’s leadership role in the sector.


Migrants Resource Centre is an independent, national charity that has worked for over 30 years to help migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers overcome the barriers that prevent them from fully participating in British society.


Migrants Resource Centre had recently completed a merger with another charity. The newly merged charity had gained a much wider mandate, and was set to take a greater leadership role in the migrant and refugee sector. The Board recognised the need to go back to first principles, to rearticulate the charity’s vision and mission, and develop a five-year strategy that would achieve its ambitious goals for its service users.

Twelve Winds was asked to work with the Migrants Resource Centre to lead the strategy development process.

Our approach

Twelve Winds worked side-by-side with the Migrants Resource Centre management to develop a new strategic vision for the charity. The process was designed to be highly participative, including the input from a wide range of stakeholders. This included:

  • Familiarisation

We start every engagement with a familiarisation stage. Using face-to-face interviews with staff, partner organisations, and funders as well as a detailed review of company documents, we built a strong understanding Migrants Resource Centre’s aims and objectives.

  • Background research

Twelve Winds conducted a review of the charity and its operating environment. This included academic papers, government policy statements, media reports, financial accounts and budgets, service impact evaluations and project reviews, previous strategies, customer surveys, customer personas and journey maps, and more. We produced an in-depth review of the charity’s current situation and the forecast for the future.

  • Internal workshops

Twelve Winds conducted a series of strategy development workshops with Migrants Resource Centre staff. We took the each team through all of the steps required to develop their new strategic plan while engaging them in processes of reflection and development to increase their strategic awareness and ability.

  • Stakeholder consultation (1)

Twelve Winds worked with management to conduct a broad-based stakeholder consultation. Input was requested about the sector, the charity’s strengths and weaknesses, and its potential role in the sector. This process included peer organisations, funders, and service users.

  • First draft

With the input from research, workshops, and consultation, Twelve Winds produced an initial strategic proposal. This laid out the background situation; SWOT analysis; vision, mission, and core organisational goals, theory of change, strategic programmes, and initial risk assessment.

  • Stakeholder consultation (2)

With a first strategic proposal completed, Twelve Winds led a second round of stakeholder consultation. A small group of key peer organisations and funders were approached for their views on the proposed strategic plan.

  • Strategy proposal

The input from the second stakeholder consultation process was incorporated into a second draft.

  • Board Discussion

Twelve Winds led a presentation and discussion with the Migrants Resource Centre Board of Trustees about the proposed strategic vision and plan. This was accepted by the Board with minor changes, and formally adopted as the charity’s five year plan.

Success story

With our help, Migrants Resource Centre has developed and adopted an ambitious new strategy that will lead the organisation through an exciting transformation. The Board and management team have a shared understanding of the charity’s strategic direction, and are well prepared to work together to achieve its aims.