Project Description

Twelve Winds helped British Gymnastics develop a new five-year strategic plan, implement an organisation-wide balanced scorecard, and build the strategy skills of the leadership team.


British Gymnastics is the UK Governing Body for the sport of gymnastics. The organisation exists to support, lead and inspire all those involved or interested in gymnastics. British Gymnastics provides a national directive and structure for the sport; delivering a range of opportunities across the age spectrum to take part and stay in gymnastics, as well as developing talent and delivering top-level success.


British Gymnastics, was nearing the end of a five-year strategic period and was in the process of developing a new Strategic Plan for the next period. The organisation lacked an ability to report on progress toward the strategic plan or to align activities to the plan. British Gymnastics was evolving into a more professional organisation, and recognised the need for a new and more robust monitoring and reporting system. To this end, management decided to develop a Balanced Scorecard system for performance management and reporting. Some members of the management team had been exposed to the Balanced Scorecard, but none had experience using the tool.

Twelve Winds was asked to work with the BG leadership team to develop a new five-year Strategic Plan and a Balanced Scorecard. We were also asked to develop the leadership team’s strategic planning and performance management skills to support decision making in the future.

Our approach

Twelve Winds developed a four-phase strategy for supporting the British Gymnastics leadership team.

  • Familiarisation

We start every engagement with a familiarisation stage. Using face-to-face interviews, telephone conferences, and review of company documents, we built a strong understanding of BG’s needs, the issues they were facing, and what we needed to do best support their strategic needs.

  • Strategy formulation workshop

Through a multi-day interactive workshop, we took the British Gymnastics leadership team through all of the steps required to develop their new strategic plan while engaging them in processes of reflection and development to increase their strategic awareness and ability.

  • Balanced scorecard design workshop

Through a multi-day interactive workshop, we took the British Gymnastics leadership team through all of the steps required to develop their new Balanced Scorecard performance management system.

  • Balanced scorecard implementation support

We provided ongoing support to the British Gymnastics leadership team, assisting them as they rolled out the scorecard performance management system across the organisation, cascading it down to all levels.

Success story

With our help, the British Gymnastics team developed a new strategic direction for the organisation’s next five years. and implemented a robust Balanced Scorecard system that serves as an active support to decision making, helping management to take appropriate action to ensure that strategic objectives are met.

This leadership team also built their skills in strategic thinking and planning, as well as their understanding of the balanced scorecard as a performance management tool that will allow staff at all levels to see their place in the strategy.