Project Description

The BT Vision interactive mapping tool provides call centre staff in India with interactive maps to show if the UK customer can use Freeview and YouView.


BT Vision (“Television on your terms”) is a division of BT Group that provides set-top boxes through which customers can access up to 40 free digital TV and 30 free radio channels and pay-per-view services from content providers.

Client brief

BT Vision customers need support for their set-top box installation and for ongoing issues with the box, the settings and the service.

During fault-finding the support staff need to know the range of available TV and radio channels (including some encoded BT Sport services).

Due to the call centre being in India, staff are unlikely to have UK “local knowledge”.

BT Vision required a very fast tool that would guide the call centre staff though the maze of options for the available channels and verify that the customer was getting the best possible service.

User benefits

  • Worked at suitably fast speed for use in the call centre in India
  • Worked with low-end browser on lower-speed computers in call centre
  • Graphical UK postcode information for Indian staff


  • Fast AJAX hand-written code to ensure the fastest possible user interface
  • Simple no-scroll interface design suitable for a call-centre
  • Correct branding for BT and non-BT screen elements
  • Phonetic NATO-alphabet for clear on-phone communications
  • Interactive mapping explaining the UK postcode system
  • Live updates from BBC and other broadcasters
  • Custom-generated postcode-location to transmitter line-of-sight diagrams


The Interactive mapping tool was written using PHP and hosted on AWS (using EC2). The client software integrates with data from other sources (such as Digital UK and the BBC).

There are back-end API connections to UK Free TV’s mapping system.

The front-end uses hand-coded JavaScript, as well as the Google Maps API to provide maps. Due to a technology lag, it was necessary to be compatible with a specific generation of web browser.

Success story

The system was used for the whole duration of the BT Vision product until it was later wrapped into BT Youview and BT TV.

Code extract

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