For your organisation to be fully aligned, your employees and customers need the right tools and data to succeed. This means you need software that is reliable and a pleasure to use.

Whether you need a complex enterprise database system capable of supporting tens of thousands of daily users, or a small customer-facing website, our software engineering team will deliver a human-centred, robust solution.

At Twelve Winds, we have an excellent team of highly experienced UK based software developers who are passionate about web development and who are experts in delivering tailor-made solutions. We are known for our attention to detail; our emphasis on clear, jargon-free communication; our depth of technical expertise and our software that works right the first time.

Bespoke software development

At Twelve Winds our software developers specialise in building bespoke software for a wide variety of business purposes. A bespoke software application, custom written to meet your specific requirements, makes running your business easier, more efficient, and removes the restrictions and frustration associated with off-the-shelf software.

At Twelve Winds, we follow a software development process that follows a flexible framework that adapts, evolves and responds to your needs. Click here for more detail.

Database development

At the heart of all business software applications is a database that stores mission critical data. At Twelve Winds, we have deep experience developing complex enterprise database systems that can manage thousands of simultaneous users. All of the databases we create provide real-time reporting and straightforward data analysis quickly, so your people can get on with their jobs instead of spending hours trying to extract meaningful information.

Web app development

A progressive web app is a software program that you use with a web browser, in the same way that a mobile app is a software program that you use on your mobile device. Web apps are easy to use; accessible on desktop, tablet or mobile phone; and can be deployed quickly. At Twelve Winds, we pride ourselves on creating web applications that can do complex tasks in the most efficient and usable way possible.

Mobile app development

UK customers now use smartphones more than desktops to access the internet, making mobile apps increasingly important. Whether you require a fully bespoke application or a simple app to build your brand, our development team can deliver effective and ready-to-market products across iOS and Android platforms.

Hybrid app development

Sometimes a project needs some of the benefits of both native apps and web apps. In these circumstances, a hybrid app may be appropriate. Hybrid apps have the reliability of a server-based web app and some of the unique functionality of a native app, such as access to the device hardware. At Twelve Winds, we can build a hybrid app which is indistinguishable from a native app to its users, while leveraging the reliability and scalability of a centrally managed web app.

Extend your in-house development team

Does your in-house team need to use a specific new skill for a project? Do you need a few long-term developers as subcontractors?  Finding developers with the right skills and experience, who can join your team quickly when needed can be a huge challenge. Many businesses are turning to on-demand team augmentation resources to help build their capacity.

To extend your current development capabilities, Twelve Winds offers individual developers and small teams with required technology skills to join your team for long or short-term projects.

We offer you the flexibility you need, including:

  • Individual developers to full teams
  • Day rate discounts for longer contracts
  • On-site or remote developers

We work with you, carefully reviewing your project requirements, to find the right developer for your needs. Our developers are all passionate about their work, and they will share that passion to helping you scale up or expand you operation.

Our technical expertise

We primarily use open-source technologies running on industry-standard hardware. Using the LAMP back-end stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), combined with front-end HTML, CSS and JavaScript, eliminates software licensing costs and prolongs the product support lifecycle.  Our competences include:

Our Services:

  • Database development
  • Mobile app development
  • Web app development
  • Hybrid app development
  • In-house team augmentation

Case Studies


Front-line staff app

MTR Crossrail's frontline staff app provides live travel information, journey planners and replacement bus service information to enable staff quickly assist customers in the station. Client MTR is regarded as one of the world’s leading railway operators. The company operates the urban metro for Hong Kong, Melbourne Metro in Australia, Stockholm Metro and [...]


Train identification from location software

Whoosh Media's train detector algorithm links live train way-point information with their on-train GPS to determine which train service it is on. Client Whoosh Media provides train passengers with access to an extensive range of on-board entertainment. This project was delivered in partnership with specialist rail agency Jnction. Client brief Whoosh Media [...]


Journey planner for autistic travellers

“Aubin” is a new journey planner app designed for the autistic community. Unlike other journey planner apps, Aubin combines journey planner and travel companion information and calculates the least stressful journey for the user, not the fastest or cheapest. Client Aubin was produced for the Rail Safety and Standards Board in partnership with rail [...]


Blockchain demo

Polished Prices' web-app demonstrates the use of private blockchain to provide audit-level integrity to a commodity market index. Client Polished Prices provides up-to-date prices based on actual transactions in the wholesale polished diamond market.  Prices are multiple-sourced and supplied electronically by diamond companies in the different diamond centres. This project was delivered in partnership with web development agency [...]


Enterprise monitoring system

DART (Darwin Alerting and Reporting Tool) provides real-time information for London Overground station staff to improve customer service at stations. Client Arriva Rail London (previously LOROL) is the train operating company responsible for running the London Overground network under a Concession Agreement with Transport for London (TfL). TfL and Arriva Rail London work [...]


Participant selection web app

The Bunnyfield web app creates lists of candidates to take part in website research, derived from their overall list of potential candidates. Client Bunnyfield (a department of Bunnyfoot) specialises in finding and recruiting participants to take part in website research, retail and in-store experience, product packaging testing, software testing and mobile/tablet/touchscreen websites/apps. This project [...]