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Twelve Winds is committed to helping our clients become high-performance businesses.  We match deep functional expertise with wide industry experience. Some of our diverse clients include:

Financial Services:
GlenRand MIB

Consumer Products:
SAB Miller

Compass Group

London Overground
MTR Crossrail
South Western Railway

Mining, Oil, & Gas:
AngloGold Ashanti
BHP Billiton
Kumba Iron Ore
Konkola Copper Mines
Alpha Cement

Industrial Goods & Services:

Johnson Matthey
Venus Fibre Internet

Charities & Non-Profit:
British Gymnastics
Save the Children
Panos London

Public Sector:
US Embassy South Africa

Medex Tanzania
Discovery Health

Case Studies

Read the case studies below to learn how Twelve Winds has provided solutions for a variety of clients facing a wide range of issues and challenges:

Venus Fibre Internet
Twelve Winds’ was hired by Venus Business Communications to develop an API system for their website so their re-sellers can generate quotes automatically. Venus services are available through a network of over 15,000 accredited IT and Telecommunications re-sellers who can provide added value to the Venus core proposition. Venus offers an opportunity for re-sellers to add significant revenue streams in some of the fastest growing sections of the market. The client required an API system to allow their re-sellers’ computers to automatically obtain customer price quotations without having to rely on Venus employees, freeing Venus sales staff to focus on higher value stages of the sales pipeline. Venus re-sellers are now able to offer their customers better levels of service, coupled with significant cost savings.

MTR Crossrail
Twelve Winds’ was hired by MTR Crossrail to build an app to help front-line staff assist customers in the station. MTR Crossrail expects to hire several hundred new front-line staff to support 200 million passengers per year who will use the new Elizabeth line trains. These passengers will be travelling on an unfamiliar, brand new and growing transport system. Customer service staff will be based throughout the stations, not just in dedicated ticket offices. MTR Crossrail requires a mobile app that customer service staff could access from iPad minis in order to provide travel information and assistance to passengers in the stations. MTR Crossrail’s vision is an industry leading railway that transforms travel in London. Crossrail’s chairman Terry Morgan has stated “our customers will be the prime drivers and it will be all about offering an excellent customer experience”. The app is being used by MTR Crossrail staff daily and is expected to support this vision by greatly enhancing the customer experience.

London Overground
Twelve Winds’ was hired by London Overground (LOROL) to develop DART (Darwin Analysis and Reporting Tool), a real-time monitoring and notification system so their staff can track performance of a network with 1149 trains serving more than 520,000 passengers per day. Railway control teams are responsible for alerting customers with train alteration information through their station customer information systems or Darwin workstation whenever cancellations, alterations or known delays occur. The client requried a digital system that would provide up-to-the-second service disruption alerts and would speed up the recording of system logs by automating the reporting process and removing manual systems. London Overground implemented DART in early 2016. Since then the London Overground control team has benefited from completely removing the manual analysis of system logs from their process. Not only has this meant that the process now takes minutes rather than hours, but it has also streamlined the task enabling a much wider range of reports to be produced immediately.

Twelve Winds’ consultants provide significant high level, leadership and organisational developmental support to the NHS. As well as working on the NHS Leadership Academy’s Nye Bevan and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson senior leadership development programmes, they have experience working with the NHS on a range of organisation development, culture change and bespoke leadership development programmes. With positions on NHS Leadership academy faculty, the Health Service Management Centre at the University of Birmingham, and Healthcare Trust, the Twelve Winds consulting team has a rich and deep practical knowledge of working for meaningful change within the NHS.

British Gymnastics
Twelve Winds works with the senior executive team of British Gymnastics providing strategic support. From honing and defining the strategic vision, linking values to strategy and developing robust rigorous methods of leading and measuring strategic change, Twelve Winds has partnered with British Gymnastics in authoring meaningful organisational change. The development project included organisational research, strategy formulation workshops, balanced scorecard design and implementation workshops, and ongoing support and evaluation. The work has resulted in greater strategic clarity, cohesion and impact for British Gymnastics.

Over a three-year period, Twelve Winds served as primary consultants on HIV/AIDS to BP. We worked closely with BP’s international management team with a particular focus on seven countries in Africa to develop a comprehensive HIV/AIDS policy for the region. We conducted extensive research into the financial and social impact of AIDS on the company to establish the situation in each country. We then facilitated a consensus-based policy development process, trained managers and staff representatives from across Africa, and customised the policy to align with both local legal regulations for each country and the global policy of the BP Group.

Twelve Winds was asked to assist in building GBCHealth’s UK and European corporate membership base. GBCHealth is a coalition of companies and organisations committed to investing their resources to make a healthier world… for their employees, for the communities in which they work and for the world at large. Since 2001, GBCHealth has worked with hundreds of companies — individually and in partnership with one other — develop and implement their own global health programmes, brokered countless global and local public-private partnerships and connections, and effectively leveraged business advocacy in service of public health.

Save the Children UK
Toby Lindsay has supported Save the Children’s pro bono coaching initiative since its inception in 2010. Over the past five years he has worked with senior leaders at Country and Regional Director level offering executive coaching focused on developing leadership capability, self-awareness, personal impact, team effectiveness and change management. Typically, Toby works with senior leaders for a period of one year offering intensive support, challenge and transformative coaching interventions. These have been hugely successful and have often led to ongoing periods of engagement.

BHP Billiton
As part of its Sustainability Reporting process, BHP Billiton commissioned Twelve Winds to prepare it’s submission to the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS Award for Innovation. BHP Billiton won the award. The GBC citation to the BHP Billiton Award states: “This year, we recognize the company BHP Billiton, with the newly created Innovation Award, for its stellar workplace HIV/AIDS response and especially for its pioneering, highly innovative efforts to reach out to the broader community by converting company-owned single-sex worker hostels into community centers. This approach does not only attempt to change the underlying social factors that put employees and communities at risk, but also provides support to people most heavily affected by the disease.”

Anglo American
Twelve Winds and Wayne Myslik have advised Anglo American on the impact of AIDS on the company and its health care funds for several years. We developed the first financial models used by Anglo American to understand and forecast the impact of AIDS on its workforce and their communities. With TWC’s expertise, Anglo American was able to demonstrate that providing care and treatment for people living with HIV would be financially beneficial to the company. This information supported the company in its highly publicised decision to provide anti-retroviral medication to its estimated 30,000 HIV positive employees throughout southern Africa.

Konkola Copper Mines
Twelve Winds was appointed to perform a six-month long investigation into the financial and social impact of AIDS on the Zambian copper mine and its surrounding communities. In addition to the traditional areas of investigation (prevalence, healthcare, benefits, productivity, manpower, policy), we performed an extensive KAP Survey among over 2,500 of the company’s 10,000 staff. This survey was used as the basis for the design of a new education and communication programme.

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