Wayne Myslik FRSA
Wayne Myslik FRSAManaging Director

Wayne is a highly entrepreneurial leader with twenty years of experience in strategic planning and performance management in a wide range of sectors including legal, banking, insurance & health care, mining, oil & gas, and non-profits. He has headed consulting divisions specialising in strategic planning, management research, human resources and employee benefits.

Wayne joined Twelve Winds in Johannesburg in 2003 after nearly ten years leading specialist actuarial consultancies in the individual life, group life, and health insurance sectors. In 2012 he moved to the London office as Managing Director.

Wayne’s experience helping companies develop world-first innovative strategies for addressing complex issues led to the strong commitment to sustainable business practices and corporate social responsibility that forms the core of the Twelve Winds Values.

When working with clients, Wayne brings a highly participative style that engages staff at all levels to the development of strategic and tactical plans. His approach is strongly values-driven, promoting effective strategic alignment throughout the organisation as well as continuous monitoring and improvement of organisational performance. A clear and straightforward communicator, Wayne is also a talented negotiator able to manage complex relationships with multiple stakeholder groups.